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Ferienapart Bergstille is a proud partner of Summercard.

What does that mean for you?

It means that your stay with us becomes even more valuable

because the Summercard is included in the price.

This means that you receive the Summercard as an exclusive bonus throughout your stay.

This opens up a world of opportunities and benefits for you,

that you can experience during your stay at Ferienapart Bergstille

Validity target

1th of June 2024  bis  6th of october 2024

The Summercard can be used

on the first day after the day of arrival.

digital Summercard.jpg

Maker: Manuel Kottersteger 

Auteursrecht: (C) KOTTERSTEGER 2020

To activate your Summercard

Discover the Ötztal with the Summercard, which you can easily activate via your check-in at Tourismus Ötztal.

With the Checkin Tourismus your visitor's tax is also registered as a guest in the Ötztal. This visitor's tax is prescribed by the Austrian government. 

When registering, you should make sure that you enter a correct e-mail address in the registration form. 
After registering, you will receive an e-mail in which you will need to complete the individual steps to activate the Summercard for your entire family. 

If you wish, you can then send the accredited Summercard to your family members so that they can also use it for their smartphones. 

It is advisable to store your Summercard in your 'wallet' so that you can always find it quickly.

Free mountain railways open the door to many activities in the Ötztal for young and old alike

Summer Mountain lifts

Public swimming pools

Public swimming pools in Ötztal

KostenFree public transport and panoramic roadslose öffentliche Verkehrsmittel und Panoramastraßen

Mobility benefit

Swimming in beautiful lakes

Waterfun in Ötztal


Bike & Bicycle Rental

Only a few minutes' walk from the Bergstille holiday apartment, you can relax in the Aqua-dome Länge



Pricereduction for workshops

Event Birds of Prey

Event Birds of Prey


Minigolf & Pit-Pat

Hiking with children


Rock climbing

You can climb in several places in the Ötztal valley

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